Last year I was in Quebec with my friend Julia. It was 2 A.M. on a hot summer morning. We were on the bus and were returning from the Summer Festival of Quebec. In the bus there was a young man who was often looking at us. The man had several tattoos and body piercing. He had green hair and he look very strange and dirty. The bus was more and more empty. After every stop and we ended up alone with him. My friend and I were very scared.

The ambiance was very gloomy. The bus was dark and the temperature was damp. At the end of the trajectory the man got out of the bus at the same place as us. Julia and I took the street to go to her apartment. The man took the same street as us. We were walking faster and faster because he was creeping us out. We decided to change street to see if he would follow us. We were walking on the street behind the apartment. The street was very narrow and the smell was unbearable. The smell wreeked of old rotten garbage. It was very dirty. When we arived in front of the apartment building we heard footsteps coming toward us. Since we knew who was coming in our direction, we ran into the apartment building and we saw the man trough the window. He was walking on the street and He entered into the apartment building as well. Julia and I ran up the stairs so he could not see us. The man just opened the door of his apartment and entered. That is when we realized that he was Julia’s neighbour.

In conclusion, He was just going back home after working all night. So the moral of this story is never judge a book by its cover.

My last summer

Last summer me and my friends spent one week on  Mont Bélanger in ST-Robbert of Bellarmin. My friend has an old  shack in these woods, which was supposedly haunted. In 1984, a murderer killed 17 people in this shack. The murderer was never caught by the police.

And now, me and my friends have passed one week in this shack and it was the scariest week of my life. During the day it was ok. Though, at night we had 15km of dark scary woods surrounding us. We always talked about de killer who was never found. One night we heard knocking on the door, and my friends and I were all in the shack shivering. We all heard knocking at the door again. My friend, Pop, who had to change pants said : Yes, come on in, and the door opened but really slowly with a cracking sound.

We all cheked who was the guy behind the door, but finally there was no one behind the door. The door had opened on its own, until my friend said : Yes, come on in?

We were all scared but no matter how scared we were, our curiousity had won over our fear. So, for the rest of the night we looked for what could have opened this door? We never cracked this code. The next day, we found 17 birds all dead around the shack. Thirty minutes after, we all left the shack and we never returned to that place again.

Alex P.


Bad Luck On A Wonderful Day
Two years  ago, my boyfriend,my brother’s  girlfriend and I had the idea of organizing a fun get away  that would make us laugh. We wanted to do a get away so as to get out of the school because it was the beginning of our summer vacation, the school was finally over and we wanted to enjoy some time together. We wanted to go see a comedy show. The show was held at the Saint-Denis theatre in Montreal ,where is the Festival Just For Laughs. We wanted to talk to all of our friends and they were all available on that day. We were very happy together. The temperature was beautiful and it was just a perfect day to travel. I took my love Marco,my brother Steven and Jenny-Sue with me ,in my car. The rest of our friends took another car and followed behind us. When we were about to make it in sherbrooke, we stopped at a restaurant for lunch as we were starving. We distributed it then we returned to continue our jouney to Montreal. During the trip,my boyfriend took care of the music  . We were  all in the mood to sing . Steven and Jenny-Sue took many pictures. Our friends continued to follow us behind .Shortly after,we arrived in Montreal . Before the show of Jean-Michel Antil we had time to go out to dinner to the Bâton Rouge .The dinner was extremely good. When we were finished we left the restaurant.After we went into the building to see the show. There were a lot of people and we were not able stop laughing and weeping with joy. The show lasted for about two hours.It was a great show. After the show everything was perfect.

Until we had an accident with my car. It was another car that had hit us. My friends stopped on the roadside. He called the paromedics and police to report what had happened. Fortunately,Marco,Steven,Jenny-Sue had nothing serious. But I had to relarn to walk and I took more drugs to control my pain and my headaches. I had great difficulties remembering my accident at the beginning.My car was a wreck. The person that we hit was drunk. It was police officer who saw him .Our friends were extremely nervous for us. They cared greatly for our lives.

Fortunately, all in all we  were safe ans sound. There could have happened something more serious to one of us. There has to be some people we had to protect that day. I couldn’t thank god enough for protecting us. Despite that we always had a great day before our accident.



Between Shades of Gray's book summary

Sumary of Between

Shades of Gray


First part: Thieves and Prostitutes


         Chapter one: Lina was starting to write a letter to her cousin Joana on June 14 1941 in Lithunia. When NKVD (soviet police) came to her house to take her and her family at an unknown place for unknown reasons.


         Chatper two: Lina and her family have twenty minutes to pack nescessary stuff and follow the NKVD. Her mom tell her to refuse all outside help she said '' Promise me that if anyone tries to help you, you will ignore them. We will resolve this ourselves. We must not pull family or friends into this confusion, do you understand? Even if someone calls out to you, you must not respond''. They are in great hurry and Jonas her younger brother, made mistakes in the stuff he should have taken.


         Chapter three: At that moment Lina and her brother were ready to go. They were going downstairs and heard the sound of breaking glass on the floor. Their mother is smashing all valuable stuff. The NKVD came in the house to see what was happening and they told her she was breaking Soviet property. The NKVD officer with the knife on his gun hits her in the shoulder and throws her face-first into a mirror. She asked them to pardon her... Then, the kids started to understand the terrible situation. Lina asked the officers if she could go to the bathroom to divert the attention from her mother.


         Chapter four: After they were forced to marche to the next destination. The NKVD were constantly asking them to go faster and faster. They arrived at a NKVD truck where more soldiers were waiting for them. They had to climb a little hill and a solider pushed Jonas and he fell on his face. Lina made it without falling but on top of the hill her mom said to her to button her coat. She realized she forgot to change and was still in her flower nigthgown. On top of the hill she saw people like them who were all her father's friends. Is it a coincidence or what? Many people thought they were going to die and they screamed a lot. A woman was giving birth to a child in these conditions in front of everybody. As soon as the umbilical cord was cut, a soldier threw them in the truck and all of the prisoners climbed in after.

         Chapter five: Four hours later, they arrived at a hospital though they had to stay in the vehicule. They saw other trucks passing, some with people covered by large restrained nets. A man asked Jonas to put his hand on his mouth and pinch his nose and not let go until the end. Her mother said '' he will do nothing of the sort''. He responded ''Foolish woman! Don't you realize this is just the beginning? We have a chance now to die with dignity...'' In the truck a cousin of Lina's mother asked her for help and she totally ignored her. Lina felt lost. Why would her mother do something like that? That is when she remembered her father dining with his friends. One of them asked her what she thought about new Lithuania. Her father was trying to interrupt the conversation but too late. ''What do i think of the soviet annexation? I think Josef Stalin is a bully. I think we should push his troops out of Lithuania. They shouldn't be allowed to come and take what they please...'' Interrupted in her thought by a doctor running and grabbing at the officer  screaming '' Please, you cannot take the newborn. It won't survive! Sir, I beg you. Please!'' The officer hardly hit the doctor and the poor baby and his mom be thrown back in the truck and ther continu their road.


         Chapter six: The infernal run started again but the passagers tried to organize themselves. Lina had the baby in her arms when its mother asked her to take the baby back to her. In the truck a man with his leg injured was taking care of by the banker but when he saw the banker trying to make a cast with Jonas's meter he screamed '' Someone please just shoot me, please!'' This is when the truck stopped at the countryside depot. Someone said '' Why are we at the countryside depot and not Kaunas station?''  Lina's mother responded '' It's probably easier to organize us with our families. The main station is so busy, you know''. But her voice lacked certainy. She was trying to convince herself.


         Chapter seven: At the countryside depot the noise level grew every seconds. At that point, the passengers got out of the truck and split up. The banker asked for medical support to an NKVD officer. The officer ignored him and when the banker insisted, the officer grabbed him by the arm and dragged him away without giving him enough time to get his luggage. Around them similar situation were happening. A woman who did not want to be seperated from her husband was dragged away by some NKVD soldiers who kicked her away. Parents and children were seperated too. An officer came to the Lina's group and asked them to follow him. Lina's mother said they had injured people and they need a stretcher. The officer laughed and said ''carry them'' which they did. During the march Lina and Jonas were wondering if their dad was there but apparently he was not. Jonas was grabbed by an NKVD officer and when his mother tried to stop the officer he was not listening. Then she started to speak with him in Russian and the officer stopped listening. Lina did not understand anything but when she saw her mother showing the officer the gold pocket watch belonging to her dad, she understood she was trying to bargain for her son. Lina was confused because her mother has told her the value of a life is priceless a couple of days ago but that day, her brother's life worth a gold poket watch...


         Chapter eigth: After that, Lina's mother tried to boost up her son. She asked Lina to approve they were alright. Jonas was still crying cause in the melee he wet his pants. He tried to hide his wetness with his hand. At this point Lina's mother asked her to borrow her coat. What she did and then they tried to make their way through the crowd to reach the train cars. The run to go to the trains was terrible cause many people were trying to get their cars too. When they saw the cars, Jonas asked his mom why they had to go in the cars made for pigs and cows. Her mother tried to convince him that it was going to be a nice adventure. Lina was more and more lost, so her mom told her to do all she could not to frighten her brother. At that moment, she thought I am frigthed too and she really missed her father she did not know where he was yet. 


         Chapter nine: Nevertheless, in the cars the smell was horrible and too much people were in. The kids and their mother with another woman tried to organize the car. When they realized they needed more men to carry the injured people and the mother of the newborn. The other woman said that they had to wait to see if the officers would bring more men. At that point Lina's mother had brought her kids to change their clothes. Their mother was looking for her husband but he was still missing. A gray-haired man put a box on the floor and said that ''here stand on this''. Lina's mother thanked the man. He asked how long it had been? Her mother replied that it had been two days. The man asked what her husband was doing for a living?  Her mother answered that he was working the university (talking about her husband). The man looked at the kids with kindness in his eyes and said  ''beautiful children''. The mother replied ''just like their father''.


         Chapter ten: Lina had count the passengers and they were fourty-six in the cars. She was observing the other people. Some tried to bet on where they were going to go. Some thought they going to go to the NKVD headquater, others to Moscow. She scanned other people and she saw courage, fear, confusion and anger on people faces. In the cars Jonas met another boy who was named Andrius Arvydas. He told them to get out of the cars cause he tried to go pee and an officer beat him up and threw him back in the cars. They were talking with Lina too. When Jonas said that they were calling us pig, Lina replied not to worry to Jonas ''they are the pigs they are stupid pigs''. Fear appears on Andrius face and he said not to say things like that! Linas asked why she should do that. He answered the reason was because he did not want anything bad happening to the both of them. During that time their mother and the woman saw the newborn had problems to feed up himself.


         Chapter eleven:  The day had past slowly and Lina counted the hours passing and tried to guess how many were left to wait. She went to sleep at nigth. whill she was sleeping, something bumped her shoulder. It was Andrius. He wanted her to follow him which she did. When they arrived to the door of the car Jonas was there too. Andrius said that ''an hour ago a long train came in''. Someone told him ''it was full of men'' whispered Jonas '' maybe Papa is on it.'' Lina asked Andrius '' who told you that?'' Andrius replied '' Don't worry about who told me that, and let's look for our fathers.'' They had argued to know who are going or not. Finally, they all went to look for their fathers. The kids were under the train trying to reach the other train with their hope in it. Car by car they asked to the men inside if Petras Arvydas and Kosta Vilkas were there, but the anwsers were negative. In their way they saw an inscription in russian on the train Andrius translated it '' that says thieves and prostitutes.'' Lina was angry at the NKVD because her mother, a teacher, a librarian and a newborn baby were in the train so what was the problem of the NKVD? They continued their walk at the seventh car they heard a voice. '' Jonas?'' said Kosta. They had difficulties to stay calm they had found their father. They asked him if he could come with them but he refused it was too dangerous. But he gave them socks, extra shirts and coats cause he said they were certainly taking them to Siberia. Lina was confused Siberia it was an half world away and there is nothing in Siberia but her father did not let her the time to ask questions. He gave them a ham and told them to get back to their train. At last Koasta gave his wedding ring and asked Lina to give it to her mom if she needed money. She wanted to tell him they had already bought back Jonas with a pocket watch did he expect that it was going to happened again?. He ended the conversation saying '' I love you both and tell your mother I love her.'' He closed the door and Andrius said '' you both go I will try a few more cars to find my father.'' Lina tried to convince him to come with them but Andrius left anyway then they started to walk to reach their car.

d                                                                                               d

         Chapter twelve:  They were to the goal when a soldier saw them. Lina and Jonas were pulled out and the soldier was aiming them. He was talking to them in russian Lina guessed he was asking them what they were doing and she said that. We had dropped our socks out of the train. The soldier did not understant what she was saying but at this moment Lina's mother traduct in russian what she had said to the soldier. He said '' Davai'' pointing the car. He was asking them to get back in the train what they did quickly. In the car their mother said '' you could have been killed! '' Jonas repplied '' We're ok mom we found papa.''  It is when Andrius mother said '' where is Andrius?'' Lina repplied that he still under the train he want to find his father'' The woman screamed '' why he don't belive me his father is ... Oh if they find him the soon of an officer!'' Lina realized she had made a mistake when she let Andrius go own his own. Mrs Vilkas saw the ring on the thumb of her daugther. Lina saw her look and she said that papa said it is if you need money. But they did not have the time to continue their conversation cause all the passengers wanted to know how many men were their and who were their. Jonas tried to explained they does not have many informations but he repeated what Mr. Vilkas said '' Papa think they going to bring us in Siberia. The blad man said that he is probably rigth. Lina wanted to gave the piece of ham to her mother but she said that give it to Mr. Stalas. Lina tought that the blad man got a name finaly. She bring the piece of ham to him but he said to bring it back to her mother with the excuse he did not like ham. At last two soldiers was escorting a priest. Lina was thinking why a priest and finaly she tougth why all of us then so what.


         Chapter thirteen: The sun rose and soldiers bring them a bucket of water and an other of slop. The hours had past and Andrius did not returne yet. Lina and her mother and a conversation about why they want to bring them to Siberia. Her mother tried to explain her it is Stallin plan cause they know to much but when she asked what they are supose to know she said nothing. Then Lina asked why only lithuania. Her mother awnser was '' it's not only Lithuania dear. I imagine he's doing the same to Latvia, Estonia and Finland. It's compliacated try to rest.''


         Chapter fourthteen: When Lina wook up that morning she walk to the door to get fresh aire cause in the car the heat had raise quickly. She was looking outside when her eyes saw a face coovered by blood under the train... Andrius! Rapidly she looked around and she jump of the car. When she arrived under the the car. She asked Andrius that can you walk? Andrius said '' a little.'' Lina looked at him his shirt was coovered by blood. His lip was sliced too. She knocked at the bathroom hole an old woman came to see what was happening. Lina said to her '' Andrius is here we need to get him back on the  train.'' The woman disapered then a man with gray hair came and signaling them to wait. Lina was taking position under Andrius to lifted him when she get the signale... '' NOW'' said the gray-haired man. In the car Lina get a closer look to Andrius. Dried blood caked his teeth and the cornes of his lips. His jaw was swollen. In Lina's heart a seed of hatred was planted now. She was tinking that seed will grow into a massive tree whose root would make her revenge and strangle all the NKVD and the soviets.


         Chapter fifteen:  When Lina woke up because of the train was just starting it run. The bald man said to her '' check by the slot there what is happening.'' What she did. She looked outside and she saw soldier with riffle checking the train a lot of food was on the floor. Thats when she saw the priest again and now she understood why he was there. He was inssuing the last rites...


         Chapter sixteen:  As they rolled Lina was reporting what she saw outside. Finally she saw they were coming to a station. The bald man asked her that where we are? Lina had to wait a bit but finally she saw they arrived to Vilnius the capital of Lithuania. Jonas had found an other spot to look outside thats where he saw a man standing on a tree. The blad man said '' Partisans they're trying to help us get his attention.'' What Jonas did the guy saw Jonas's hand and he came to the car. He said '' They're unhooking the cars with the men. They're splitting the train in two.'' and he ran back to the woods. Someone asked loud why they are doing that. Mrs Rimas said ''Maybe the men are going to Siberia and we going somewhere else.'' They heard sound of singing on top of the train it was the  men in the other train. They were singing the national anthem Lithuania, land of heros. At this moment all the passengers joined the song to give them courage.


         Chapter seventeen:  Lina was thinking the men voice in the other cars had sounded full of pride, full of confidence. Familly like brother, father and husband were there. She was thinking where the soviets going to bring them and where they going to bring her and the others a train full of women, children and infirmed? Disturbed in her thinking by her mother talking with Mrs. Rimas because of the baby was in difficulties. Her mother was to dehydrated the baby won't suckle. At their daily stop the only time in the day the door would be open for some ligth, fresh air, water, or food the soldiers brang in buckets. It was Lina's turn to get a little bath and when she was outside. She saw soldiers throwing corpse out of the train. She was terrified the others in the train said to her to hurry for let others the chance to bath but she was petrified. At this moment an NKVD officer saw her and he threw her back in the train. Her mother asked what was wrong. She repliep that I saw dead body... The bald man looked at her with sadness and said '' that just the begining little girl be strong.''


         Chapter eigthteen: They were not sick but the others were. The number of death grew every day. The people in the train were thinking the soviets brang them to the south. They had passed trough Vilnius, Minsk, Orsha, Smolensk. During this time Lina was drawing for let a track for her father. When the bald man saw her and said '' Drawing?'' Lina jumped and the Bald man said that sorry i did not mean to scare you I won't tell. Lina explain to the bald man after a quick look on him to decided if he was trustable. The bald man replied that very cleaver I could help you to pass it along. This is  when the train speed bleeding off and Jonas at the little window saw an other train with men in. ''Men!'' said his mother. Jona's mother almost threw her kid away and started to yelled in russian to the man in the other train. After a few minutes the blad man said ''stop socializing woman and said us news!'' She repplied '' The germany and soviets are figthing the germain are in Lithuania!'' In the train people were all happy and they started to feel hope again. The only one stayed calm was Ona because her baby just died...


         Chapter nineteen: In the train Ona was forcing her child on her breast. Lina's mother tried to calm her but she does not want to let her child go. Finally her mother convinced her but if she does not let the soldier touch it. Lina's was crying when Jonas arrived with the bucket. He said that why are crying Lina? She replied that the baby is dead. Jonas face change radically a face Lina never saw before. He took the rock in his pocket he used to make mark after each death but this time Lina tried to stop him because he started to hurt himself. At this moment Andrius stopped her and said ''let him do it he will get use to it.'' Used to what she was thinking this uncontrollable anger or the infinite sadness?. She said to him '' are you use to?'' Andrius ligth a cigarette and said '' yes... I'm use to.'' In the train the others were talking about the germain and how they will kick the soviets out of Lithuania. This is when the blad man said ''you're all fool if you think Hitler will help us. He will only make the thing worst.'' That coment was not apreciate and Andrius ange exploded on the bald man and anyone in the car stopped him. They were thinking hope was hope.


         Chapter tweeny: They travelled father south trough the Ural Mountains. Miss Grybas explained the Urals were the boundary between Europe and Asia. They a crossed into an other continent! People said they were probably on course to southern Sibéria or possibly even China or Mongolia. They tried three days for sneak Ona's baby out but the guard where stoop at the door when ever the doors were open. The smell of the rotting flesh had become unbearable in the hot car. Ona finally agreed to drop the baby down the bathroom hole. She tried to doed it herself but finally it was Miss Grybass who finally threw it down the bundle. She said after '' Done it always easier for someone unattached.'' Jonas and Andrius were getting closer and it was not for the pleasure of Lina. She taught it was not a good idea to let them get closer. Finally when she saw the ligth of a cigarette apeared on Jonas face she said it to her mom. She replied ''Lina, every nigth I thank God he has Andrius, and you should to just let him be.'' Later in the day Lina heard voice getting louder. It was Jonas Andrius and Miss Grybas. At the begining the conflict was unimportant because Miss Grybas was yelled because Andrius showed to Jonas how to smoke. Linas said that our mother know. Miss Grybas repplied that she know he smoke book showing her and big book she reconized imediatly. It was her book she start to yelled after Jonas. ''this is grandma who gave me that book Jonas!'' Jonas tried to excuse hiself but Lina was too made after him.


         Chapter tweenty-one: After weeks Lina lost the track of how long they had been travelling. After each stop they lefted a little more corpses down the way. She was thinking what would people do if they saw them? Would they bury them or belive they were really thieves and protitues? Lina felt hopeless but one day they had just past Omsk, God certainly took them in pity, they stopped in the countryside. there was a small kiosk and her mother bribed a guard to let her go outside of the car. When she got back with her dress bowed full and heavy. She knelt down in  the car and released her skirt. Candy, toffees, lollipops, black licorice, mountains of gumdrops, and other threats spilled onto the floor. There were cigarettes, matches, and dark chocolate wafers for the adults. In the car it was like a big party childreen almost hug kill Linas mother.


                Chapter tweeny two: After six weeks, and the third day without food the train stopped but they did not open the door. The bald man who had been charting their progress from the city markes called from the window slot, guessed their were some where in the Altai region, just north of China. The passenger were hungry and their patience at the minimum. Late the morning cam and the heard clanking. The guards opened the door and they said they would be getting out. The passengers started to get out of the train but they were not at a train station at the surprise of everyone. They were in a wide, deep valley, surrounded by forested hill. It was the first time Lina saw the other passengers they were thousand! People were talking to find familly or love. At this moment Lina's familly saw a group of soldier with other men and they did not look like lithuanian or Rusian. They had darker skin and hair. They stopped at the group next to them and began talking with the NKVD. Mrs Rimas asked ''Elena what are they saying?'' Lina's mother said ''Their...'' she stopped. ''What?'' said Mrs Rimas. ''Their seilling us'' she whispered.


         Chapter tweeny three: At this moment all passengers except for childreen understood why they were on the train for such a long time. The group of slave traders stopped to their group but they did not buy Lina's group. After that the passengers who were sold was brougth in the end of the valley and disapear in the forest certainly not for a better place. The soldier give them bucket of food and water again the childreen had been allowed to play a little. During this time the adults were talking about escape but a gun shot in front of the train stopped their hope. When the soldiers asked them to get back on the train Andrius said ''They're going back for more.'' Jonas asked '' you think so?'' Andrius repplied ''they wont stop until they've gotten rid of all of us.''


         Chapter tweeny four: Hours passed and onlytwo group remaind Lina's group was still in the two. Andrius, Jonas and Lina were sitting on the grass talking to past the time. Wondering what was going to happen to them.


         Chapter tweeny five: The evening cam and the seconde groupe was sold. The majority of the soldier left with the train. Only five soldiers were with Lina's group. The NKVD made them climb in a truck they have brougth with the train. Then they realized if they had escaped they had no place to go. The soldiers drove them for miles and they did not see anything other thruck or village nothing. After two hour they stopped at an inhabited area and parked the truck in front of a wooden bulding. The soldiers asked them to get ou of the truck and Elena (Lina's mother) asked them why they were there. She listened to te respond and after she traducted to the others. ''Its a bathhouse'' she said with a smile. They had been split in two groups men on a side women on the others and they started to bath for the pleasure of everyone maybe expecte for Jonas and Andrius who had to bath the bald man...


         Chapter tweeny six: Then the women turn came... They had to go in group of then at the time. The soldier were staring at the women and one of them who appeared to be the comander started to check women after women like if he want one of them. He stopped next to Lina and started to be a little indecent but luckly Elena had the last word again and save the dignity of her girl. Lina felt dirtier after her bath then before.


         Chapter tweeny seveen: When they had finished their bath the last group was entering. In the truck everybody felt better and they were joking. Jonas asked Lina why she was not happy she did not repplied. She was thinking how she want to kill or make souffer the soldier who had humiliated her with his pervert touching. Finally a soldier look in the car if they were all there and he saw Ona chanting and he yelled something. Elena tried to convinced him to let her be but that was a wast of time. The soldier grabbed her and threw her out of the truck and shoot her in the head in front of everyone... The pleasure of a good bath disapeare as fast the feeling came. After the truck started his run again and Ona's body was getting smaller and smaller.


         Chapter tweeny eigth: They drove in a big farming area and they stop to a Altai farm. The soldier ordered them of the truck. Soldiers brang them to a little house and left them. The woman inside explained them their going to be farmer and had to work hard. Lina was thinking I will be a beets farmer!? She hated beets. Because they were in a beets and potatoes farm.


Second part: maps and snakes


        Chapter tweeny nine:  They were in the shack when a blond soldier came to them. He asked for Elena Vilkas to come with him. What she did if her kids can came too. The soldier bring them to the comander house. Elena did not want to bring Lina inside because of the bad thing the comander wanted to do with her. Lina felt really guilty because her mom was alone with the comander. Lina asked Jonas to stay there what he did but he tried to convice her to stay around. Lina check by the dirty window if her mom was O.K. and the situation was under control. They were waiting outside when their mother showed her face. They wanted to know what did he want but she said they will talk about later. Elena asked the soldier to bring them back to their shack but he did not make a move. Jonas said to her mom this was ok because he remember the way to get back to the shack.


         Chapter thirty: Back to the shack Elena told to her child what the comander wanted. She said that they want me to translate document and spy our comarades. She affirmed to them she will never do that but she adviced them to be carefull with what they say and to Lina what she draw. They were checking what they could sell if the need come. When Lina found the letter she tried to write to her cousin and she was wondering what she will write if she had to write it now. She remembered her mother advice but her hand was already writting.


         Chapter thirty-one: In the shack the Altaian woman was cooking potatoes. Jonas was wondering if they could have some too. Elena asked to the woman and she replied that you have to work for your food. Elena had to buy a potato and for the right to cook it too. After that Jonas was wondering if they had enough money and her mother awser was negative.


         Chapter thirty two: The next day it was still dark when the NKVD asked them to get out of their shack and form a line. The comander yelled order and they sepperate them in group. Jonas was in an other group. Lina was in the group of her mother two other woman from the train. It was the blond soldier escort them to their objective. He asked them to dig a hole with empty cans. What they did. During this time Lina asked why they had to dig an hole. Elana repplied that they certainly punishing me. The other woman wondering why they wanted to punish her. She explained the comander conversation and she did not want to do such a thing. The other woman told them the nearest village is at five kilometers. Elena wanted to write a letter and she said that don't worry for the soldier I have a contact.


         Chapter thirty three: They had dug a big hole when finaly the guard gave them a break. He brought them a bucket of water without cup or anything. They had to do like dog and lapping for the water. Elena asked the guard for let them go pee they were joking and Elena said '' our humor they can't take that from us''. When they got back to their job Lina was wondering if they were not digging their own grave.


         Chapter thirty four: The rains started and they were still digging the hole. When finaly the guard let them go giving them coupon. They came back to the shack when Jonas explain them they had to give the coupon to someone for had three hundred grammes of bread. Lina was shocked they dug the whole day and they had only a little piece of bread. In their way back after had their bread. They saw Miss Grybas in front of her shack. She was wondering what were happpen to them. After they had explain to her what was their daily job she quickly gave them beets she had hide in her underwear. Lina started to realized she did not care at all they were hide in someone sweaty underwear.


         Chapter thirty five: When they were back to the shack Elena asked her daugther to bring a beet to Mr Stallas the bald man. She complained a little but she tool the beet and made her way to the bald man shack. In her way back she saw Andrius and talked a little with him. He was evasive but he asked information about Jonas and Elena. He give her information about the soldier who after them the blond guard name his Kretzsky and the commander he is Komorov. When Lina tried to know where was his shack he respond he got to go and he left her there giving her three cigarettes for her mother and Jonas. When she get back to the shack she gave the cigarettes to her mother and she gave one to the Altaian woman and present herself and her childreen. It was how they knew her name was Ulyushka.


         Chapter thirty six:  They were asleep when it happened. The soldier asked them to report to the commander shack. A the shack the soldiers asked them to form a line and after the commander was speaking to Mrs Vilkas (Lina's mother). With him many soldier carring riffles were there to. He said something to Mrs Vilkas and she translated to the other they had to sign something. The others asked what was that for. She replied if they were signing that they were agree with three points. First, they sign that they agree to join this collective farm. Second, they sign that they agreee to pay a war tax of two hundred rubles. The last one, they agree that they were all criminal and their sentence shall be twenty-five years of hard labor. The stress was rising in the crowd when someone yelled them ''SILENCE.'' It was the gray haired man named Alexandras Lukas. He conviced them to stay calm and to do not sign the contract cause the soviet need them at least for the winter. They all agreed with that and they all sat together in front of the commander. The commander tried to kick some people to scared them. They did not want to sign but Mrs Vilkas said to him too they want to work. The commander relied the commande to the blond guard Kretzsky.


          Chapter thirty-seveen: At sunrise the soldier let them get back to their shack. They had to work without sleeping. After a quick breakfeast they were on their way to reach the digging site. Mrs Rimas came to them with a scared face and they understood quickly why. Someone were attache on a pole with bullet wound all over his chest it was because he had wrote a letter to the Lutuania freedom figther. Lina was really scared because of that. They were back to their work and Kretzsky was really mad because their standoff had retrived him to sleep. After all the morning of work the water truck came to them but with the cammander Komorov in too. He looked really mad and he yelled to them to get in the hole they were digging. At first they not wanted to climb in but after Komoroy pullep his gun out of his belt they all climbed quickly in the hole. He ordered them to lay in and started shooting in the hole the four woman were scared. Lina was wondering what she could do because if she stayed in the hole she will be burried alive and if she stand she will be shoot. After a couple of minutes like that Komorov finally left them. Lina's mother grab Lina in her arm and said '' don't worry my dear he only tried to scared us.'' She could not talked or cried she was just to scared.


         Chapter thirty-eigth: When they came back to the shack Jonas was wondering what happened to them but Lina and her mom said to him they were just tired. He did not argue with them and he show his loot of three potatoes he had get during the day. After Elena bring one potatoes to Mr Stalas who can not work. Lina see her mom talking with Andrius and she followed him to see where he lived. he entered in a log house of NKVD officer. She did not belive what see saw there Andrius mom all clean with new cloath giving drink to the soldier. Andrius and his mom were working for the soviet.


         Chapter thirty-nine: Linas was really upset because of what Andrius did. A couple of day later when she brougth food to Mr Stalas Andrius came to talk to her but she was completly cold with him. He tried to know why giving salami to her brother and he ligthed a cigarette. Andrius asked to Jonas to let them alone. This is when Lina exploed asking him where he get his cigarettes and all this food and he was a shame to work for soviet. Andrius responded that '' you don't even know why I obligated to to that my mother had to slept with them because if she don't do that they will kill me you don't even know how I want to kill myself for let her free again.'' Lina's mouth dropped and before she could excuse herself he was already far away.


         Chapter fourthy: When Lina came back to the shack Jonas was already asleep and her mother was waiting for her. She tried to explain to her Andrius was trying all he can but she was always blocking him. She explain to her how clumpsy boys can be she started to understood a little.


         Chapter fourhty-one: The moral of the prisoner felt down rapidly and some of them started to sign the comdanation of 25 years forced work. Lina's mother said to her to understood them but she could not. She explained to her the soldier had broke their conviction and she had to felt sorry for them. They were trying to find a way to post letter but it was more difficult then it looked. Mr Stalas with his snake thongue said they could asked to Andrius mother becaus e she was spleeping with them. Elena's anger shut his mouth when she said he could eat because of them.


         Chapter fourthy-two: Elena took a weeding gift silver serving pieces for send a letter she gave it to a woman in exchange. At the camp it was run for information of what happened outside to know when the war will end.


         Chapter fourthy-three: Lina and her mother were working when Kretzsky came to Elena and he asked her something in russian. After that ELena yelled to the others if someone could draw for two cigarettes. At first she was sacred the NKVD found what she had draw but finally Lina said she could drew for them but her mother looked scared about that. She asked the officer to came with her but he refused. Lina followed the officer to a log house.


         Chapter fourthy-four: At the begining the soldiers were making fun about Lina and finally gave to her a map a photography and stuff to draw. She drew the map and the picture and nothing happened to her. She gets her cigarette as they promised and she had the authorisation to get back to her shack.


         Chapter fourthy-five: Lina was on her way back to the shack when she was on front of a NKVD bulding she heard someone crying and whispered in luthianian. She made her way closer to see who it was. She saw Mrs Arvydas and Andrius it was Andrius mother who was crying. She made a step closer when Andrius head up and asked her what she wanted. She replied she wanted to help him but he refused it was when Andrius mother turn her head to saw what was going on. Lina saw her face covored of blood she been hitted really hard in the face. Lina tried to give Andrius the cigarette she wanted to give him for made her appologize but she cannot she cried her appologize and ran back to the shack. Jonas asked her what was the matter but she did not wanted to tell him. She asked where was Elena he repplied she was on her way back to saw the woman who posted her letter. When her mother caame back she did not had the time to tell her about Andrius mother because the NKVD wanted them to sign again the contract.


         Chapter fourthy-six: They were all waitting to see if they were going to have news from the letter they posted. That made conversation between them and that little hope helped them in so many ways. The winter was comming and Jonas had to go cut some wood with the other men in the forest. Luckly Jonas had the time to stole winter cloaths for them. Andrius still did not want to talk with Lina but still giving food to them.


         Chapter fourthy-seveen: At the mid of november Mrs Rimas had recived the first letter of the whole camp. Everybody came to her shack to get news. As expected the letter had many lined crossed but still had something to read. The letter said the writter (Mrs Rymas cousin) had visite a camp it was like Psalm 102 Jonas found the Psalm in the bibble it was a message between hope and sadness but the all group has been boosted by hope anyway. Andrius was there and because of the crowd they were really close because everybody was pushing foward to see what going on in the letter. They took news from each other but Andrius was still a little cold with but she did mind about it he had good reason to be mad at her. She still hoping he finally pardon her sooner or later.


         Chapter fourthy-eitgh: It happened a week later Jonas were working in the wood when he felt down and stop moving. They bring him back to the shack until the gray-haired man told them it was scurvy from malnourished and it was not contagious. Andrius came to the shack with a can of tomatoes to feed him a little. Elena bring a siberian woman who told them she know a tea would help him to heal. Elena asked Andrius to stay because she known Jonas really like Andrius he agreed.


         Chapter fourthy-nine: Lina and Andrius were alone and Lina took this opportunity to apologize again to him. He did not said much then Lina continu her drawing she had started to Jonas to make him feel better it was his chamber. She was lost in her mind when Andrius said ''he told me about his plane.'' She agreed with him Jonas really loved his plane. She took the compress on the head of Jonas and put it in the snow during this time Andrius was looking at the other drawing of Lina. One it was him and he laugh a little about the angle of the drawing because Lina was shorter then him. She said that was my point of vue of you. Elena came back at this moment with the siberian woman and the tea then Andrius left.


         Chapter fifty: Its took two week for Jonas to improve. His leg trembeled when he walked. During this time Cristmas has come and the people had made some little reunion for get the Cristmas spirit. Lina has convince Andrius and his mother to came with them. Andrius's mother bring vodka because she felt the mouth of the people who were not agree with her presence.


         Chapter fifty-one: It was Cristmas all people join at the bald man shack and all of them bring a little of food they had keep. They all brang photographie of their familly and they all let them on a empty chair a Luthianian tradition for the member who cannot be their for cristmas but at the moment they had a lot of fun the NKVD came to make them sign during Cristmas. They tried to convince them to let them celebrate the Cristmas but the NKVD pulled out their guns and they had to follow for an other white nigth.


         Chapter fifty-two: The whole Cristmas day they had to work without slept when Linas came back to the shack she was exhausted. Andrius came to see them and Lina give him a portrait of him with a better angle then the last one he was really impress. After that, Elena and Andrius had gone to see Andrius's mother to make Cristmas wishes.


         Chapter fifty-three: The next day Andrius came in panic saying the commander was in his way to get Lina. She were scared it was because of the stolen pen but it was not. The commander wanted a portrait of him for his wife. Lina was not really happy but her mother told her she could get a large price for that. They were talking about of what she can get for that.


         Chapter fifty-four: Lina was with the commander and she started to draw. During her work the commander always wanted break and for an artist like Lina it was horrible because drawing like that it is hard and difficult with a bad subject like him and she hated him. Kretzsky entered in the office and gave files to the commander. Lina was sure the files had information about her dad. After that she finished the drawing and gave it to the commander. The commander admired hiself and improved his ego already to huge. The deal was for potatoes but the commander only agree with some bread. Jonas was waiting outside and he entered in the place to get Lina he said thats better then nothing. When she was getting her stuff back she saw the files on the table whose the commander certainly dropped them for admired hiself. Lina stoled them and she quickly took the exit.


         Chapter fifty-five: They were waiting for their bread when Kretzsky dropped them on the dirt. Lina ate him more then before but Jonas and her layed down to get the precious food. They were behind the cafeteria office when a door openned and the officer inside started to throw them cans laughing a lot. They were all drunk Lina wanted to left the more quickly but Jonas noticed some of the cans were almost full or brand new. Andrius showed hiself at this moment and helpped them to get the food. They were getting the cans when Kretzsky came back yelled something. Jonas traducted he said they were steeling food. They made a run for it.


         Chapter fifty-six: They were at a secure distance from the NKVD and Lina asked Jonas to go back to the shack and said to their mother they were OK. After that Lina told Andrius she had stolen the files of her family Andrius was really scared about that but he traduct information for her. Lina's dad were in prison at Krasnoyarsk. She remember the name because she had drawn it on the map the NKVD asked for. Andrius brang back the files to the NKVD house.


         Chapter fifty-seveen: Back at the shack the familly decided to eat the most of the food they had get. Lina was wondering about Andrius if he was Ok and if he securely brang back the files. She did not mentioned it to her mother because she did not want to know her sad because her husband was in prison. She draw her house with the Luthianian flag. She gave it to a woman who had the rigth to go at the village to pass it and maybe get to the prison where her father was. During the day she saw Andrius and when she saw his face she noticed he suceed to brang back the files.


         Chapter fifty-eigth: It was the sixteenth birthay of Lina and everyone looked to had forgot. She was a bit sad but she did not mean about that what she would expected a party gift and a cake? She was in line to get her ration when Jonas came to said to her Mr Rymas had an other letter. She ran to the shack and when she entered in the shack everyone said ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY'' she was so surprissed! Her mother brang her a gift a bunch of paper and a pen she was so happy but Andrius was not there. When the party was over they where outside of the bald man shack and Andrius showed his face finally. Her mother and Jonas let them alone. When they were alone Andrius gave her a book of Dickens she was so happy. She joked about it asked him if she had to smoked it liked he smoke her other book. At the end she kissed him.


         Chapter fifty-nine: Elena get a letter from her cousin whose said her husband was alive but he did not know where he was. Finally Lina Told her mother she had steel files form the commander and brang them back with Andrius help. At first she was full of anger about her stupidity but finally she was really happy to know where he was. Andrius started to wait Lina at the cafeteria where she get her bread. They were joking about how many pages she could read at this point about ten of them. He started to bother her and she said ''peerestan'' wich mean stop. Andrius was impress and he asked her to learn the word ''Krasivaya'' without the help of her mother she promissed him.


         Chapter sixty: It was the first day warm in the spring when Lina was waiting in the ration line. Andrius came to her in panic he asked her to come with him he had to tell her something. She followed him and when they were at a good distance, Andrius took her hand and he said the NKVD were going to move some people to another place and she was on the list with her familly. She asked him if he was on it too but he was not. After that she ran back to the shack to tell her mom what was happening. When Lina told her mother the terrible news her mother left her to see Andrius mother for more information. Lina and Jonas were wondering what will happened to them. Mrs Grybas came in their shack to know where their mother was. Lina explained her she was with Andrius and her mother she told them to let her known they made a metting at the bald man shack and she most came too. A couple of minutes later they where all in the bald man shack and Elena told them she just known she was on the list Mrs Rymas was on the list but not Mrs Grybas. Mr Lukas said it was interessting because Mrs Grybas had not sign the NKVD document and she was on the list. That was meaning nobody will know if they were on the list or not that will be a bad surprise if that happened.


         Chapter sixty-one: Andrius came to see Lina because the little seed of love planted between them was certainly going to die. Lina promis him she will sent him letters she asked him to hide her drawing with him because if they had to make another trip on the train the certainly be destroyed. he took the file and kissed her and he asked her to told Jonas he will see him during the morning.


         Chapter sixty-two: They came at the sunrise but this time everyone was ready. Many people were their too. Mrs Grybas came in cries saying they was goint to send them in America. The NKVD asked them to form a line near the trucks. They called their name alphabetically. Andrius reached Lina and he promissed her he will see her to bring her back her drawing he promissed her many time. Lina cried for the first time in months. Finally the soldier called the Vilkas name and they had to climb in the trucks and the soldier close the door behind them.


Third part: ice and ashes


        Chapter sixty-three: They travelled all the morning and they finally arrived at the train. Lina was happy a little bit because they left behind them the commander and Kreztsky but her happiness has been short because when they stepped out the trucks the officer outside was Kreztsky but the commander was not their. They organized themself rapidly this time. They were in a car but they did not full it like the last time they had place to move and breath. Some new face had appeared and the bald man interroged a man of them if he knowed something about the war. He said the Japanesse had attack Pearl Harbor during Cristmas and the America and London had declared war.


         Chapter sixty-four: Lina could not slept weel because of the train noise. A nigth the little girl whose the dolly was dead asked her to check the yellow skirt girl to look if she was dead but she gentely bring the girl close to her to help her to sleep. The next day Lina realized she was rigth the little girl was dead. Lina thank Ulyushka in her priar because they all stayed alive with the food she gentely gave to her mom they shared it with the others.


         Chapter sixty-five: The train finally stopped late a nigth at Makarov they had to make a walk of four hundred yards to a bulding. The guards let them slept, ate mushroom, bread and let them bath too but something was bodering Jonas because when they were walking to the building her mother felt down and said Nicolaï to Kreztsky. Why she known his first name? Lina was listening the adults conversation and many of them were belived their going to America because some boats were waiting for them but Lina did not belived that because when Andrius asked her they were on the list something in his look told her they were not going to America...


         Chapter sixty-six: The boats were delayed and it was like a weekend for them making fire singing song but Lina was wondering why the guards were fedding them certainly to make them stronger but for what? Later Lina and Elena were taking a bath and Jonas came to say to them soldier were loking at them. Elena respond a this point we were not hot enough for them. Jonas was still wondering and finally he asked why Elena called Kreztsky Nicolaï he was a ... Elena outburst about that saying they did not known him he was just a boy insisting on this point. When she left Lina and Jonas tought that was suspicious.


         Chapter sixty-seveen: For weeks the barges crept farther up to the north of Angara. Everyone wanted to know if the destination was really to America but no one known it. They were disembarked and they waited again for barges. Lina was drawing the bald man. This one did not want to be drawn but Lina was stick like him he finished saying if she known what was good for she did not showed the drawing. Lina asked him why he was their because at the start he said he was just a stamps collector. She asked to him to where was his familly.


         Chapter sixty-eigth: The travelled a long time. They salied on the Angara river until they reach Trofimovsk it was cross the Artic Circle. Finally, they were not going to Amrica but to that snow desert. Elena was heading to a log house in fact the lonely one but an officer said to her in luthianian language ''you facist pig you are not going in this house it is for officer you will sleep on that mud but before you all will filed out the barges.'' What they all did logs, bricks, keroseen barils and little fishing boat. In fact they had reach their finale destination. Everyone were terified because no village wass there.


         Chapter sixty-nine: Now they now the NKVD wanted them to make a factory and they not going anywhere farther. All of them were scared. The mother of the little girl who talked to her dead doll after hearing the bald man saying ''this is the plan how Stallin will end us he will let us freeze to death and let the fox eat us'' she tried to strangle her girl and herself. The others calm her down but they all knew that was the begining.


         Chapter seventy: After the nigth the NKVD officer Ivanov the one how said they were all facist pigs said to them to build their own house. Elena asked for the wood they filed out the barges and he replied they were going to get wood somewhere else. They divided them in twenty-five groups of fifty persons Lina's group were the eleven one. The boys had to fish and the woman to build the jurta (an house). When the boys went back with empty hands they understood they will only ate bread again. The men had talking about the jurta design and Lina made the plan. Later Elena asked Ivanov for something to build a stove he found that pretty funny and said ''you want a stove? Maybe after you while want a glass of cognac or a hot bath?''


         Chapter seventy-one: The day after they finished the jurta. Later that day a big ship appeared in the river with the American flag the NKVD showed up with their guns yelled at them to go at their jurta. They were hidding them from the American. Lina asked why the American did not attack the soviets the blad man answered American were helpping soviets. It was true the NKVD hidded them five hours. After that, the soldier yelled at them to carry the crate to the log house. The man with the watch translated them what was on the crate milk, powdred eggs, vodka, whyskey, fur coat aand everything the soldiers needed to past the winter safely. Everyone hated to carry those crate they will never touch again.


         Chapter seventy-two: The temperature had beeen cooler and cooler. Lina and jonas had went to get wood and in their way they saw Kreztsky. He said in russian ''what are you doing?'' Lina replied ''we are getting wood did you see some?'' He looked behind him and threw them some he left them their before they said anything. The two of them were really confused. A couple of day latter the first snow storm had come it been two day of cold.


          Chapter seventy-three: when the storm broke the NKVD yelled at them to get back to work. In the first storm four of them died because they made the door on the wrong side and the snow blocked it. When they made groups for work Lina was with the bald man to go get some woods to a spot three kilometers farther. When they were walking the blad man asked Lina to borrow him her mittains what she did not wanted. The bald man said he wanted them only few minutes and she could put her hand in his pocket during this time. She did not wanted again. It was when the bald man said ''if you borrow me your mitains I will let you know why you were deported.'' Lina was so confused how did he knew that? She borrowed him her mittains and he said ''you certainly know who are Petras Vilkas (he was her uncle) because your father helped them to be repatried to germany you were deported.'' Linas was completly stuned her best friend was the daugther of her uncle for their freedom she will certainly die in that cold desert...


         Chapter seventy-four: Back to her mud house Lina had a conversation with her mom about why they had did that. Finally, after anger and sadness she understood her uncle familly tried to help her too to get out of their but because they were deported again that certainly going to be very hard to be saved. Elena was realy in anger about the bald man because he told the secret for only five minutes of mitains.


         Chapter seventy-five: November cam and a storm was coming. Lina was in her way to steel wood but she saw something that stopped her. Ivanov Kreztsky and her mother were talking she did not understood a word but when Ivanov finished he laughed loudly and he left them. Her mother felt down but Kreztsky caught her before she hit the floor. Lina cam in a hurry and grabbed her mother back she was crying. She looked at Kreztsky to know why her mother was crying and he repplied that '' your father is dead he had been shot in prison.'' Lina's world felt down around her but she did not had the time to cry the storm was coming. She brought back her mother to the mud house with the help of Mrs Rymas and Jonas and she told to Jonas what was happening. Everybody stopped talking and made silence in to grief the man.


         Chapter seventy-six: Lina's familly tried to stand up after that hard hit but the pain was big. The storm had finished after three days. Lina was reading the book Andrius gave her trying to find the word krasivaya but she found something more interessting Andrius had written nice word in the book. She really felt happy because it was his birthday and she was really thinking about him.


         Chapter seventy-seven: At mi-December the winter had them in its jaw. Lina was trying to get some wood when Janina came to her saying she found something. It was true she found a dead owl. They took it and made five kilometers with that big bird. At the jurta they cooked it for them it was a banket a heaven gift. Everyone in the mud house enjoyed it a lot.


         Chapter seventy-eight: It was Cristmas and the people were almost crying because of the smell from the NKVD baracks of cake and good meal. Elena and Lina were talking and Elena asked her if she had apologized for what she said to Nicolai Kreztsky. She repplied she did not do such a thing because she really hated him. Elena explain her why she had to because Nicolai saved her from being rapped by other soldiers and he brought her to mail letters when they where at the farm. He found to information about her father and thats why he was their too because the commander noticed he was helpping Elena. Lina felt confused because of what that soldier did for them.


         Chapter seventy-nine: Lina tried to get medcine and a doctor from Ivanov but as expected he refused. Lina lost her ration only for asked to help them. After that back at the mud house her mother was really sick and her lips were blue she looked at Jonas at she gave here the weeding ring of his father andd she said ''keep it for me its full of love it is the most important thing in the whole world never forget that.''


         Chapter eighty: They tried all they could to help Elena but finally she died. The tears of everyone appears she was all of kindness and love to everyone even the enemies. Mr Rimas made a prayer for her. Jonas asked everyone to not let the soldiers had her corpse because he wanted to burry her what they did. At this moment the blad man felt on his knee saying ''it is so hard to die? I have to let you know the soviets asked me to make a list of everyone in the village and I did but at the end I refused to give it to them and it is why I'm here with you all and my punishment is to survive...'' Everyone was shocked but what was they suposse to do nothing it was done.


         Chapter eighty-one: The day was hard Lina looked in her mother suitcase and she found a dress perfectly clean and a shirt of her father. Elena was really expected to get back to her home she found to the paper of the house and the adress of her cousin in germany. After that the bald man, Mrs Rimas, the man who would his watch was bringing the corpse with the kid. Suddenly everybody in the camp followed them in memory of her kindness.


         Chapter eighty-two: Two days after they had burried Elena twenty-six persons had been caught for steeling wood and they get five years more of prison. It was the night and Lina was trying to stealing wood but when she had been nears the logs Kreztsky caught her in action. They had a conversation and Nicolai opened his heart to Lina he explained to her he was in prison to because he wanted to help his hometown but they did not let him go. Finally, he finshed saying he was sorry for her mother and he cried Lina put her hand on his shoulder and said she was too.


         Chapter eighty-three: The next day Nicolai left the camp. Now things were getting harder everyone execpted for Lina, the blad man and Mrs Rimas were sick even Jonas had scurvy again. Lina could only made fire for them promising she will steel fish. Lina grabbed her brother like they did for Elena to warm him during the night and Jonas whispered ''I love you.''


         Chapter eighty-four: A couple of days later Jonas and Janina were really in bad shape but a morning Lina was looking at Jonas who was nearly unconcious and suddenly his eyes opened. After that a soldier came in saying ''anyone sick in her I'm a doctor I will help you.'' Lina asked for help for Jonas and Janina what he did. He asked for help and the bald man said he will only if he help the kids first everyone was suprissed because of his reaction normaly was not to help others. The Doctor explained them the soldiers had to help him because he could bring them to the tribunal everyone had pea soup and a half kilo of fish. The doctor was talking with Lina and he explained to her Ivanov could not know if her father was dead. Lina was full of hope with that reverse of situation. A village at thirty kilometers farther bring everyones boots coat and fur to warm them. He promised to Lina he will mail the letter to Andrius too but the most surprising was when she asked him how he find them his repplied was it was Nicolai Kreztsky told me.


         Chapter eighty-five: Jonas healt being stonger and that was a relief for Lina. She was walking to chop some wood when she saw the sunlight again the winter will finish soon. She closed her eyes and she saw Andrius saying to her ''I'll see you.''


         Epilogue: April 25, 1995 Kaunas, Lithuania

Some miners were working when they found a jar full of drawing and letters. They had found letters from Lina and her drawing saying she and others had been captive for twelve years for nothing and she said evil would rule until good men and women would act. That was her belief and she signed it Lina Arvydas, the wife of Andrius Arvydas.


The end

by Xavier St-Pierre

Thanks to my wonderfull teacher Sylvie Lafontaine who has belived in me the whole way of my studies.